In the playground

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Who would think that we could play tennis in our playground in January? 




“I really like the playground especially the slide because it`s fun”- Ben P.1/2

“I like how the playground is so big”- Rhys -P.6

“When we go outside you are greeted by a wonderful adventure playground for the upper school. Then we have the amphitheatre which is great fun to run up and down. Our new school is amazing.”  – Adam and Jennifer -P.7

3 Responses to In the playground

  1. You are so lucky we dont get that in Dingwall Primary

  2. Natalia Semenchuk P3 says:

    I love the playground because it has a slide and a climbing frame and the climbing frame is the best

  3. Alisha Shellard says:

    I love the upper end playground because it has a pragoda and everything.

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