Esafety Leaflet - Parent and child

Technology is changing all the time and young people are no longer passive recipients of online information, but are increasingly interacting directly within a digital landscape in a variety of ways.

Children and young people need to be empowered to keep themselves safe.

Do you know how to keep your children safe? Do your children know how to keep safe? At Ben Wyvis we are committed to discussing these serious issues as part of our e-safety curriculum.

We are currently developing our e-safety policy and will be sending out a questionnaire to parents shortly. We aim to develop this policy through the Parent Council, so please come along to the meetings to help.


There are many websites with advice about e-safety. These include parentinfo which is a new collaboration between CEOP (child exploitation and online protection) and the Parent Zone. Here you will find up to date information on all elements of online safety including gaming, social media and online identities.

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