Pupil Council

Children In Need

Thank you to all the boys and girls for participating in today’s events. We raised a fantastic amount of money – over £400. Well Done Everyone! The children all had a great time and enjoyed all of the different activities.


IMG_2825[1] IMG_2822[1]


Children In Need

We are organising Children In Need for the school and nursery. We will be leading the assembly and there will be lots of fun activities, such as:

  • Wear spots / dress up as a super hero – £1
  • Pudsey Raffle – 50p a ticket
  • Wristbands – £1 each
  • Houses spot hunt – donations welcome


Library Event

The Pupil Council put on a library event where we invited pupils to bring their parent along to loan their first book. The Parent Partnership was a great help and provided tea/coffee for the adults and juice for the children.

Any ideas?

If anyone has any ideas for the Pupil Council then please tell your class rep or complete the Pupil Council sheet on classroom doors! We look forward to hearing all your fabulous ideas.


Our Pupil Council for 2015 – 2016 are looking forward to sharing their ideas to make our school a Fantastic and Fabulous place to to be.

IMG_1744The Pupil Council has been askinIMG_1753g everyone to write their ideas on our writing wall. We have had suggestions to make our school more ECO friendly and a lot of the responses were about litter, so P4 have become our litter bug monitors and volunteer to keep our environment free from rubbish.

February 2015

We are organising Red Nose Day events for the school, and already people are excited about buying their noses. There is a drawing competition and we will add the best pictures on here.

We are also planning on making a Scots Word Illustrated Dictionary.  The whole school is getting a page each, but if there are any other family members who want to participate, please ask Mrs Dalseme for a page or two.


Pupil Council 2014-15

The pupil council is made up of representatives from each class, voted for by their peers. They meet at least once a fortnight with the Depute Head Teacher to discuss ideas and concerns and plan solutions. This gives the children roles of responsibility and ownership of their school.

We are already sharing our ideas with the classes, and have some good ideas for Commemorating Remembrance Day. We will be digging our own poppy shape flower bed which we will fill with poppy seeds and seedlings. Although we won’t have any flowers this year, we will be “planting” our own paper poppies on 11th November.

We have also decided to learn and teach some new playground games every Monday. Charlotte had a really great idea for the first one, so we hope we will have lots of our friends joining in.

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