Eco Committee

Mrs Mackie might be surprised to see how our Peace Garden has changed since we first moved into Ben Wyis.  Do you remember it looking like this?

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Three years ago in the spring of 2013 we completed some work to be awarded some fruit trees. We put a measuring stick against them after we had planted them, and as we grew so did the trees. We will measure them again this spring to see how they have grown.


Our ECO group for 2015- 1016 are going to be working very hard to maintain our Green Flag and aim to get a second one!

Hooray for Ben Wyvis! We have earned our first Green Flag!!! IMG_1743

IMG_1514ECO Update 2014/15

Term 1

The following events will take place during Term 1;

ECO Planting Day

*Grandad Tom came in and took the whole school in groups to do some planting. We planted some in pots and some next to the pond. We wore our new ECO gardening aprons.

Cake Fundraising

*Tuesday 9th September at playtime

*All donations welcome

ECO Day (Friday 3rd October)

*Wear green to school – 50p

*The ECO group are organising activities throughout the day

*Garden Party – members of the local community will be invited to attend our garden party from 11am until 12:30pm

Green Flag

*We are applying for our Green Flag this term. We are very excited!

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