Ben Wyvis Primary Staff

Teaching Staff at Ben Wyvis Primary

Acting Head Teacher – Mrs C. McDowall

Acting Depute Head – Ms E. Dalseme

Acting Principal Teachers – Mrs D. Morrison and Mrs N. Ghee

Childcare Manager – Miss G. Semple


P1L    Miss Lauchlan

P1M     Miss Mackenzie (Probationer) / Mrs Goldie

P2      Ms Westmoreland

P3      Mrs Ross

P4      Mrs Morrison/ Miss Clifton (Monday & Friday)

P4/5   Miss Dougan/ Miss Clifton (Thursdays)

P5      Mrs Inglis

P6      Mrs Stirling (Probationer) / Mrs Urquhart

P6/7   Mrs Hadley

P7      Mrs Ghee (Miss Clifton Tuesday/ Wednesday)

ASN Teacher  Mrs Campbell (Mon, Tue, Wed)



Specialist CCR:

Mrs Mardon– Drama (Tuesday)

Mrs Drenan – Languages (Tuesday)

Mrs Barlow – PE (Wednesday)

Ms Dalseme – Art (Thursday)


Pupil Support Assistants:

Mrs O’Donnell

Mrs Hicks

Mrs Oman

Mrs Jewseski

Mrs  McNab

Ms Black

Mrs Nicolson

Mrs Jewseski and Mrs Robertson (Pupil Equity Fund)



Mrs Semple

Mrs Fraser

Mrs Stark


FM Staff:

Mr. MacDonald


Early Years Practitioners:

Mrs Mackenzie

Mrs McCafferty

Ms Fraser

Miss Gallacher

Ms Kay

Mrs McBarron

Mrs Smith

Miss MacFarlane

Miss MacKintosh

Early Years Support Worker:

Mrs Cameron


Out of School Assistant:

Mrs Thom

Out of School Auxiliary:

Miss Walmsely








2 Responses to Ben Wyvis Primary Staff

  1. Dylan Macdonald says:

    Hi,i was just wondering how well the teachers was getting on.because as you may know I moved about 2 months ago, and I am really missing Mrs ghee she was the best teacher she cared so much for me we had a grate time together. i was one of the leaving p7s but Mrs ghee we had a lot of laughs together.

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