Ben Wyvis Primary Staff

Teaching Staff at Ben Wyvis

Head Teacher – Mrs T. Mackie

Depute Head – Mrs McDowall

Principal Teacher – Ms Dalesme (Acting Depute Head on a Thursday)

Childcare Manager – Miss G. Semple


P1           Miss Lauchlan

P1/2        Miss Mitchell (Probationer) / Mrs McDowall

P2/3        Ms Westmoreland

P3           Mrs Inglis

P3/4         Mrs Morrison

P4             Mrs Ross

P5              Miss Dougan

P6/5           Ms Dalseme / Mrs Pennington-Smith

P6             Miss Maclean (Probationer)

P7              Mrs Ghee

P7               Mrs Harington

ASN Teacher  Mrs Campbell (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Pupil Equity ASN Teacher Mrs Brockman (Wed, Thur)



Specialist CCR:

Mrs Barlow – PE. Wednesday

Mrs Golding – CCR cover (Flexible Route Probationer)

Ms Dalseme – Art

Languages: Mrs Mackintosh and Mrs Drennan


Pupil Support Assistants:

Mrs O’Donnell

Mrs Hicks

Mrs Oman

Mrs Jewseski (Pupil Equity Fund)

Mrs Catherine McNab

Miss Black

Mrs Nicholson

Mrs Livingstone

Mrs Robertson (Pupil Equity Fund)



Mrs Semple

Mrs Barnett

Mrs Stark


FM Staff:

Mr. MacDonald


Early Years Practitioners:

Miss MacDonald

Mrs McCafferty

Mrs Duncan

Miss Fraser

Ms Kay

Mrs Ross

Mrs McBarron

Mrs MacKenzie

Mrs Smith


Out of School Assistant:

Mrs Thom


Out of School Auxiliary:

Mrs Dingwall








2 Responses to Ben Wyvis Primary Staff

  1. Dylan Macdonald says:

    Hi,i was just wondering how well the teachers was getting on.because as you may know I moved about 2 months ago, and I am really missing Mrs ghee she was the best teacher she cared so much for me we had a grate time together. i was one of the leaving p7s but Mrs ghee we had a lot of laughs together.

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