Christmas Reminders

Tree Lighting, Conon Bridge—Saturday 3rd December at 6pm. All children and families are welcome. Children will be singing, ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ and ‘Silent Night’.

Tickets for the school show, McTivity will be on sale from the 1st December. The performances are on the 19th December at 1.30 and 6.30pm

Children are asked to wear dark clothes (preferably black) with some tinsel and tartan. All children from P1—P7 are involved in the school performance and need to be at school for 6.00pm on the 19th December please.


Friday 16th December—Eden Court Panto

Children will be late home, arriving in school at 4.30pm. Please can you collect your child from their class. All parents and carers should enter the school by the school office and go to classes.

If your child normally walks home, this is fine, please be aware we will be returning in the dark.

All children should take a snack with them to Eden Court. Children will not be able to purchase snacks or drinks during the afternoon.




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